Board of Directors



Composition of Board

The Board of Directors consists of nine (9) members.  Six (6) of the members are recommended by the Board of Directors and voted on by the general membership of the Ross Volunteer Association (RVA).  Three (3) of the members are standing members that represent both the RV Company and the general membership of the RVA.  Additionally, committees serve the Board of Directors as they are deemed necessary by the Board or the President.





40449689_2367748496571858_8846405059387326464_o2021 Ross Volunteer Association Board of Directors

  • Jim Richards  '69, PRESIDENT
  • Kyle McNeely  '74, PAST  PRESIDENT
  • Mark Johnson  '78 PRESIDENT  ELECT 
  • Johann Dube '21, RV  COMPANY  COMMANDER
  • Col. Gary Beaty  ’92, RV  COMPANY  ADVISOR 
  • Steve Weaver  '74, EXECUTIVE  DIRECTOR
  • Tim Macmanus  '78, BOARD  MEMBER, 1 YEAR TERM
  • Mike Bonin   '81, BOARD  MEMBER, 2 YEAR TERM
  • Jake Betty  '73,  BOARD  MEMBER, 3 YEAR TERM
  • Noel Bradford  '89,  EX-OFFICIO BOARD MEMBER
  • Ernest Hunter  '01,  EX-OFFICIO BOARD MEMBER
  • Colten Claxton  '17,  EX-OFFICIO BOARD MEMBER


Committee Chairs

  • Finance Committee, Bill Walker  '73
  • Member Services,  Mark Johnson  '78
  • Membership Committee, Noel Bradford  '89
  • Communications Committee, Cai Benavides  '13
  • Endowment Campaign Committee, Tim Macmanus  '78
  • Information Committee, Steve Weaver  '74
  • Compliance Reporting Committee, Robert Pagenkopf  '06
  • Historian Committee, Justin Curtsinger  '06                                                    To view the Board of Directors Organization Chart, press HERE.