Saber & Sash Society

60024383_2776783592335011_2929455368486518784_oWhat is the Saber & Sash Society?

Any Ross Volunteers that donate $25,000 or more will be considered a member of the Saber & Sash Society. The donor may make the donation over a 5 year period, but no previous donations will be considered. The donation may not be made using a credit card.

Benefits of the Saber & Sash Society

-  Saber and Sash Society members will receive an RV Senior with Red Sash statue.

-  Society members will be invited to all RVA social events, including Life Member events.

Interested in becoming a Saber & Sash Society Member? Please contact us at

Current Saber & Sash Society Members:

  • ron3

    Ron & Jeanne Lueck '64

    Ron and Jeanne Lueck are from College Station. Ron received his degree in Agricultural Economics with a business option in 1964. While at A&M, Ron was member of Squadron 1, the Ross Volunteer Tree Platoon, Commanded the Third Group, and was a Duncan Dining Hall waiter and Head Waiter his senior year. 

    After graduation, Ron served 6 years in the United States Air Force serving as an instructor pilot. Ron was a pilot for American Airlines for 32 years and retired as a respected fleet manager. Ron and Jeanne have given generously to Texas A&M through the Association of Former Students, 12th Man Foundation, Corps of Cadets Association where he is a Hollingsworth 1876 Endowed Member, and a Ross Volunteer Life Member. Most importantly, Ron and Jeanne  started this level of giving for the Saber & Sash Society. Ron was the first Executive Administrator of the RVA.

  • stanton2

    Stanton Bell '54

    Stanton Bell is from San Antonio, TX and graduated with a degree in Business Administration in 1954. While at Texas A&M, he served as Corps Adjutant, Executive Officer of the Ross Volunteers and Commander of the Firing Squad for Silver Taps, Muster and other events. He was a Distinguished Student and Distinguished Military Student and was involved with groups including the Student Senate and MSC Council.

    After graduation, he served in the 24th Infantry Division in Korea and was selected as aide de camp to the Commanding General.

    Bell is president and CEO of Bell Hydrogas, a propane company serving San Antonio and six counties. He has been a vice president and director of Mission Gas Company and has also served as director of Compass Bank and the Valero Texas Open Golf Tournament.

    Stanton is a Distinguished Alumnus and a generous donor to Texas A & M University and a large benefactor to the RVA.  Stanton served 5 years as Captain of the 12th Man Foundation's Champions Council, created and funded the annual Ross Volunteer Spirit Award, is involved with the San Antonio A&M Club, and has sponsored A&M functions. He is a President's Endowed Scholarship donor, Sul Ross Scholarship donor and a member of the Texas A&M Foundation's Legacy Society.  Stanton's Father was Stanton Bell '29.  He has a daughter and son.

  • bobby-smith-cutdown

    Bobby R. and Nita Smith '58

    Bob Smith, known to his friends and family as "Bobby R.", is from Houston, Texas and graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1958 as a Distinguished Student and Distinguished Military Student.  Bobby R. is a first-generation Aggie and the first in his family to attend college.  While at Texas A&M, he was in A-Infantry and served as his Sophomore Class Officer, Town Hall Representative, San Antonio Club President and Executive Officer for 1st Regiment.  As a Ross Volunteer, he was selected to be a member of the Firing Squad for Silver Taps.

    After graduation, he served in the US Army at Ft. Benning, Georgia as a company commander and later at Ft. Chaffee, Arkansas where he had his service cut short with a diagnosis of diabetes.  Smith returned to Houston, where he met his wife, Nita, who he has been married to for 60 years.  Bobby R. worked for CECO Corporation, a concrete company, for 19 years, working in Houston, New Orleans, and St. Petersburg, Florida.  He became President of Southern Form Company in Houston, where he worked for 16 years, retiring in 1996.

    Bobby R. and Nita are generous donors to the Corps of Cadets Association (CCA) and the RV Association (RVA).  They are members of the CCA Hollingsworth 1876 Society, and loyally support the RVA through Life Membership and membership in the Saber and Sash Society.  They have two Aggie daughters and four grandchildren.

Saber & Sash Donation
A Saber & Sash Donation is for a portion or all of $25,000, spread across up to 5 years.