Saber & Sash Society

60024383_2776783592335011_2929455368486518784_oWhat is the Saber & Sash Society?

Any Ross Volunteer that donates $25,000 or more will be considered a member of the Saber & Sash Society. The donor may make the donation over a 5 year period, but no previous donations will be considered. The donation may not be made using a credit card.

Benefits of the Saber & Sash Society

-  Saber and Sash Society members will receive an RV Senior with Red Sash statue.

-  Society members will be invited to all RVA social events, including Life Member events.

Interested in becoming a Saber & Sash Society Member? Please contact us at

Or send it to:   The Ross Volunteer Association

                          P.O. Box 12066

                                                                            College Station, TX  77842


Saber & Sash Donation
A Saber & Sash Donation is for a portion or all of $25,000, spread across up to 5 years.