RV Association Endowment 


RV Funding Prior to RVA

Over the past 10 years, the financial assistance to the RV Company has been dramatically reduced.  The U.S. Army funding was completely eliminated due to government budget constraints.  With only a few exceptions, institutional budget cutbacks have significantly reduced funding from Texas A&M University as well.  Funding had been reduced to that coming from both the Texas Aggie Book Store, the Former Students Association, with remaining shortfalls being covered by the Commandant's Office or by the cadets themselves.  None of these sources are guaranteed and must be applied for each and every year, creating a significant unknown.

RVA Becomes Guaranteed Funder of RV Company

The RV Association began guaranteeing a minimum of $20,000 annually to the RV Company in 2011.  At times, the RVA has funded more than this when the entire rifle inventory had to be replaced and when other one-time expenses occurred.  These funds represent a significant portion of the annual RV Company Operating Budget of $50,000.

Endowment Objective

The RV Association adopted a long term goal to raise enough money in an endowment that the cash created by the endowment could completely fund the RV Company's Annual Operating Expenses.  The Endowment would need to be approximately $1 million to accomplish this.   After reaching the $1 million goal, other expenditures can be prioritized by the RV Association to assist the RV Company.

Initial Funding

The initial funding of the Endowment began in mid-2018 with a beginning of $250,000.  It was soon followed in the 4th quarter of 2018 with an additional $100,000, making the principal stretch to $350,000.  Additions are anticipated to be made by th RV Association quarterly at a rate relative to the donations made by members of the RV Association.  The Endowment is managed by HighGround which is headquartered in Dallas and specializes in managing endowments for nonprofit organizations.  

Support the RVA Endowment

Members of the RVA, former RVs, and friends of the RVs may make donations by committing to be an annual member of the Ross Volunteer Association or make contributions to the RV Association in honor of a former RV.

If you would prefer to mail in endownment donation, please send it to:

The Ross Volunteer Association
P.O. Box 12066
College Station, TX 77842


For any questions about the RVA Endowment, please contact us at rva@corpsofcadets.org

The Ross Volunteer Association is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible and eligible for corporate matching gifts.


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