RVA Committee Volunteers Needed


Below is a listing of RVA Standing Committees, brief explanations of the activities and responsibilities assigned to each, and current additional support requirements (needs for additional volunteers). As the RVA is a 100% volunteer organization, there are NO paid staff, Board Members, or Executive Director.

Email the RV Association at RVA@CORPSOFCADETS.ORG if you think you may have interest in serving as the head of one of the committees or as an individual contributor on one of the committees listed below. THIS CAN BE FOR CURRENT NEEDS OR TO FILL FUTURE NEEDS IN A CERTAIN SKILL OR EXPERTISE. State your interests and you will receive a call or email to give you more information about the opportiunities.

Finance Committee:

  • 4 Positions Filled - Duties include budgetting; interfacing to outsourced accounting and treasury function; reviewing and approving of expenditures; providing advice on spending; managing the RVA Endowment; and financial planning. 

  • 1 Position Open - Similar duties as listed above.

Membership Committee:

  • 4 Positions Filled - Duties include making bank deposits; interfacing with and reporting on credit card transactions; performing updates to the membership database; checking the PO box and making deposits of mailed checks; preparing and sending annual membership request letters to all RVs; doing anything membership related.
  • 1 Position Open - Similar duties as listed above

Communications Committee:

  • 4 Positions Filled - Duties include developing and distributing comunications for RVA Email Campaigns, RVA electronic newsletters (The Statesman), and RVA social media; reviewing and updating hard copy letters for the annual membership campaign in coordination with the Membership Committee; developing, submitting, and monitoring communications on the RVA email account; developing and submitting advertising and public relations material to be published in the Guidon Magazine; maintaining communications using the tool set incorporated into the website's software.
  • 2 Positions Open - Similar duties as listed above.
  • Particular skills required are for someone who is comfortable working with electronic media; able to post and make changes to website articles and announcements; and utilize the RVA email account.
  • Any type of marketing related skills.

Member Services Committee:

  • 6 Positions Filled - Duties include planning and executing social events for the RVA, including Fall and Spring General Membership Meetings, Large City Events in the 5 biggest Texas cities, and other special events such as the 2018 Life Member Event and the 2021 Suds with Buds Event.

Historian Committee:

  • 1 Position Filled - Duties include coordinating with the RV Company's Historian to capture the current year's history; interfacing with the Historical Currator at the Cushing Library; and assisting with the writing and publishing of historical facts of interest in the RVA electronic newsletter, the Statesman.
  • 1 Position Open - Similar duties as listed above

Information Committee:

  • 1 Position Filled - Duties include managing the website vendor; reporting updates on the website to the Board of Directors; and managing the completion of reporting enhancements with the software vendor.
  • 1 Position Open - Similar duties as listed above

Compliance Committee:

  • 1 Position Filled - Duties include the completing the federal tax reporting for the 501(c)(3).
  • 1 Position Open - Duties described above; requires working in the tax and accounting area to be able to complete the Federal reporting requirements for the RVA.

Executive Director:

  • 1 Position Filled - Duties include providing a long term perspective to the Board of Directors; creating Board Reporting Packets for Board Meetings; providing communications and assistance to all Committees; keeping in touch with the activities of each Committee; and performing miscellaneous smaller tasks to form the glue for the Board.
  • 1 Position Open - Duties would be directed toward training in all duties completed by the current Executive Director to be able to take over those duties at an agreed upon time or in the case of an emergency retirement.  


The Ross Volunteer Association is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax deductible and eligible for corporate matching gifts.