rv_association-logo-round-black_script-web-copyNew Ross Volunteer Association Website!

We are now using a new website platform that will allow us to provide our members with numerous capabilites that include:

  • view historical donations
  • RSVP or purchase tickets for events
  • view current membership level
  • search former and present RVs in our RV database
  • make donations
  • and much more!

Important: For current and former RVs, please take a moment to ensure we have the most current contact information . Please log in to your account using the the email and password sent to your email in our records.  If you did not receive an email but are a former RV, please create an account and update your profile. 

Finally, an enormous amount of volunteer effort has gone into creating this website over the last few months.  We will continue to add new features to support our members. Your support, patience, and understanding are appreciated as we work out the inevitable kinks. If you encounter any problems with the site, please report then to us at rva@corpsofcadets.org

With our new website and your active involvement and support, the committees of the Ross Volunteer Association look forward to continuing to strengthen our organization and support the Ross Volunteer Company!